Matt Hayton studied Art & Design at Kendal College from 2007 to 2010 completing the Level 3 Extended Diploma and the Foundation Studies qualifications.

Matt is now working as an Illustrator and his work has been selected for the Light Grey Art Lab show called Beautiful Forever where contributing artists designed their very own fun and unique temporary tattoo sheet.

Matt said about his work ”There are so many great pieces included in the show so I’m over the moon to have been included. You can purchase the tattoo sheets here (which would be super awesome) or pop along to the opening reception to buy and applied to your skin at their temporary tattoo station.

My tattoo designs are based on animals that are associated with bad omens. A bad omen is a sign that signals a future event, with many Omens based historically upon ancient superstitions and cultural folklore.”

To find out more about what Matt does and the work he’s included in the show visit

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